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Such a long time
August 10, 2010, 8:02 pm
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I haven’t written on my blog for far to long. So here’s an update.

Around Christmas time I had a bit of a down and went on anti depressants. I guess my coping mechanisms failed and it finally all got to me. The fatigue got worse too. Anyways. By the beginning of January I was feeling a little better.

To be honest from that point I hadn’t even really felt ‘right’. Really I’ve just been floating along.

So zip forward to more recent times.

Well it seems I’ve had a relapse. It’s not been pleasant. About a month or so ago I became almost continually dizzy. It was hateful. So I rang my MS nurse. She’s very good, she told me to go to the GP and ask for bloods and such. My normal GP didn’t have space that day so I had to see another. He didn’t seem to think I needed tests and gave me some prochlorperazine.

It didn’t work so well. Any way the dizziness continued and i got some cinnarizine. It developed this dizziness into an unbalanced feeling in my legs and needing to pee about two minutes after drinking anything. So I booked my tests and they were negative. This basically left a relapse as the most likely cause.

So I was given a course of steroid tablets. 4 days on 500mg. This is a big dose. I will warn you now they taste disgusting. If they even so much as touch your lip on the way in it will stay there all day. I couldn’t even remove it with a polo mint!

More to the point though I did feel like my skin was on fire and my joints ached so much. Thank goodness it was only for a short time. That was last weekend.

This week I have not spent quite so much time in the loo. Which is always nice. It has felt like I have been trying to walk through treacle though. Just so tiring and getting nowhere fast. It’s gradually getting a bit better each day. I don’t feel like I did before yet.

The GP said no promises but I hope I’m not left with too much residual nastiness.

Now this is the point I guess where I say I will be a bit more regular on the blog. Because I did intend that when I started. I just hit a bad patch where I was functioning on auto pilot. I am so fed up with this being ill malarkey I can’t tell you.

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I’m gonna be doing the steroid stuff too. I start 3 days of solu-medrol infusions today to basically kick whatever is going on with me lately. Never done this before, so it’ll be new to me. Hear it will leave a strange taste so I think I’ll try some caramel hard candies. Sorry to hear the polo mints didn’t help you out, nothing worse than having a yucky taste in your mouth. Bleh!

Well, good blog! I’m gonna bookmark it. Don’t worry if you don’t blog too much. It’s not a crime. If it was I would have been arrested by the internet police a while ago! Maybe it’s just that no one reads my blog anyway. Haha.Well, again, like I said, good blog!

Comment by Damon

You should be ok with infusions. I had tablets. First time I had had the steroids. Was a bit worried. It seemed to stop whatever was happening from continuing to get worse, I suppose that’s the main thing.

Comment by helen1984

Glad to see you’re blogging again : )

Comment by Jenna

i recently had a 5 day course of 250 mg steroids and you’re right! they taste AWFUL! Hope they’ve helped and things calm down soon. Am finding that physio is helping my balance probs.

Comment by burntsienna

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