Life, the Universe, MS & Me

A poem that I wrote back on my 1st MSiversary.
December 3, 2009, 6:59 pm
Filed under: life, MS

My Invisible Friend

Seeking concentration in the fog
Lingering in space
In depth of nothing
A place to exist
An unknowable place
Am i neither in one state nor the other?
Between life and oblivion
I am defined by
Tethered by
Held by
Feeling my way with my new friend
Finding the path
Aching so as to feel the bones in shape and form
Pain shooting to numbing fingertips
No wish to be sufferer or victim, fighter or survivor
Fear – a certain uncertianty
A new road in the mist
Difficult to comprehend
Propelling force
Snaps and gone
Why should i complain?
Others have passed this way
Invisable friend leading them blindfold
Such a rocky land
The way becomes harder
But there are others in the distance
Heading towards the cliff face
My friend or enemy
Constant attendant
Constant battle


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Could be something my daughter wrote, as she goes through the pain of consciousness! Thanks I like it, can I put it on her site?

Comment by Andrew


Sure you can use my poem. If you tell me the URL I can add your site to my blogroll too.

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Comment by helen1984

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