Life, the Universe, MS & Me


So.. the about page…

Well i am 25 and i am from Devon. I was born in Exeter but now live 20 – odd miles outside.

Although i am not working in the field i still consider myself an archaeologist. I have a BSc (Hons) from Bournemouth University. they were actually the best days of my life and i miss them greatly. They do say that being an archaeologist is a bit like being an actor. you schlep from job to job and one day you might end up on TV.

Well now, after i left uni in 2006 i started getting weird thing happen to me until after many months of tests i was diagnosed with MS in May 2008.

I have many interests, archaeology does after all cover life the universe and everything, i try not to let my MS define me but as it has such an impact on my life, day-to-day and the long-term plans, it is inevitably something i talk about.

One day i hope i will be able to get some of the plan back in some form. Lately i have been thinking about interpretive approaches in archaeology and how it relates to what we tell the public, it does after all belong to everyone. I think that i would like to get into this area one day if  i can.

So, thats me i guess, an archaeologist gone wrong, trying to create the new plan.

Thanks for reading xx

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