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Such a long time
August 10, 2010, 8:02 pm
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I haven’t written on my blog for far to long. So here’s an update.

Around Christmas time I had a bit of a down and went on anti depressants. I guess my coping mechanisms failed and it finally all got to me. The fatigue got worse too. Anyways. By the beginning of January I was feeling a little better.

To be honest from that point I hadn’t even really felt ‘right’. Really I’ve just been floating along.

So zip forward to more recent times.

Well it seems I’ve had a relapse. It’s not been pleasant. About a month or so ago I became almost continually dizzy. It was hateful. So I rang my MS nurse. She’s very good, she told me to go to the GP and ask for bloods and such. My normal GP didn’t have space that day so I had to see another. He didn’t seem to think I needed tests and gave me some prochlorperazine.

It didn’t work so well. Any way the dizziness continued and i got some cinnarizine. It developed this dizziness into an unbalanced feeling in my legs and needing to pee about two minutes after drinking anything. So I booked my tests and they were negative. This basically left a relapse as the most likely cause.

So I was given a course of steroid tablets. 4 days on 500mg. This is a big dose. I will warn you now they taste disgusting. If they even so much as touch your lip on the way in it will stay there all day. I couldn’t even remove it with a polo mint!

More to the point though I did feel like my skin was on fire and my joints ached so much. Thank goodness it was only for a short time. That was last weekend.

This week I have not spent quite so much time in the loo. Which is always nice. It has felt like I have been trying to walk through treacle though. Just so tiring and getting nowhere fast. It’s gradually getting a bit better each day. I don’t feel like I did before yet.

The GP said no promises but I hope I’m not left with too much residual nastiness.

Now this is the point I guess where I say I will be a bit more regular on the blog. Because I did intend that when I started. I just hit a bad patch where I was functioning on auto pilot. I am so fed up with this being ill malarkey I can’t tell you.