Life, the Universe, MS & Me

Life, the Universe, MS and Me
November 30, 2009, 6:33 pm
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Well, I suppose I had ought to write a rational for starting this blog.

I suppose the main reason is to get things out of my head and into a reliable format. I often find that with my Multiple Sclerosis issues raise their heads about which I feel the need to comment but don’t have a reasonable and rational outlet. Whilst this blog may have a lot of content related to my condition I do intend for it to be more wide-ranging. My background in archaeology gives me an interest in humanity, life and the universe and hopefully my blog will reflect that.

In some ways I hope that it will allow me to regain some aspects of myself that had seemed lost in the fallout from my diagnosis.

To be truthful, in some ways I feel that at the moment I have just dragged myself out of the abyss and am regaining my mind. Perhaps some of that is drugs, but more on that at a later date I’m sure.

Thank you for reading,

Helen xx


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Read it So at long last you have sucumbed and done a blog I am writing my book instead[cant put comments on] btw at top it says uncategorised!!!!

Comment by suejan

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